Publications & Awards

Broad River Review: “God’s Teeth,”Spring 2011 “Last Poem,”Spring 2013, “Incandescence,”Spring 2014, “Fiftieth Anniversary”, Spring 2015
Caduceus: “His Death”, “I Drag His Death After Me”, Vol. 5, 2007,“Marriage Lasting”Vol. 8, 2010
Calyx: “My Husband Loves Me” Winter 1998/99
Chickenpinata, “How To Get From Summer To Fall”
Comstock Review: “Girl”, Vol. 18, #2, 2004,“Facelift”,Vol. 15 #1 2001, “Residue”23.2, Fall/Winter 2009, “this morning,” Vol. 28.2, 2014
Common Ground Review ,“Breakfast At The Harborside” Vol. 11, issue 1, 2009
Connecticut River Review: “Question,” 2003, “The Green Sweater,” 2009, “Get Lost,” 2010
Cross Currents:” Costumes” Vol. 54, #2
Freshwater, “Rome 2013,” 2014
Great River Review, “When You Return,” Fall/Winter 2012
Homestead Review: “Four Trees Down From Ponte Sisto,” “Death Of An American Citizen Abroad,” Vol. 18, Issue 1, 2001, “What I Saw in the Snow,” 2010
Illya’s Honey: “Rome 1987”, Vol. 13, 2007, “Keys To the Cages,” “Love In Saigon,” Vol. 16, #1, 2010
Long River Run: “The Green Sweater,”“Warrant,” 2009
Naugatuck River Review, “Mother Of A Dead Son Gets His Bones Back After Twenty Years,” Issue 3,Winter 2010, “Body Check,” Issue 5, Winter 2011,”Nora Dennis Is Praying For Me,” Issue 10, Summer 2013, “Shelter,” Issue 11, Winter 2014, “Birthday, Krakow,” Issue 15, Winter/Spring 2016
Maryland Poetry Review, “For The Son Who Lives” Spring/Summer 1994
Mudfish 17, “Refuse”
New Delta Review, “Rome 2007”, “The Story” Vol. 27, Spring 2010
Passager 2011 Poetry Contest Issue, “Paper Dolls”
Ping Pong: “The Radiance Of Violation,” 2008
Poeticas: “Husband,” Summer 2003
Poet Lore, “this fire,” Vol. 105 #3/4, Fall/Winter 2010
PMS poememoirstory, “Coming Out, 1960,” #10, 2010
Rattle, “Love’s Executioner,” Vol. 16, #2, Winter 2010
Re-Union, “Anniversary Of A Lie,” #2, 2011
Roar, “The Letter,” Winter Issue, 2012
Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, “To My Daughter,” Fall 2011, “Thrall,” Summer 2012
The Mom Egg, “Feasting On Our Detritus,” Vol. 10, 2012
The Paterson Literary Review, “On Reading The Poems Of The Poet In Residence,” #38, 2010/2011
The Poet Touchstone, “Diagnosis,” Vol. 53, #3, Summer 2010, “What It Was,” Vol. 54, #3 Summer 2011, “Visit,” “After Blue,” Vol. 55, #3, Summer 2012
Touch, A Journal Of Healing,” Creed”
Voices In Italian America: “Long Marriage,”“Cinque Terre,”“Passeggiata,” “ Wedding,” Vol. 15, 2004
White Pelican Review: “At The Best Western,” Vol. 6 #1, 2005
Women’s Studies Quarterly: “Field Trip,” Vol. xxxll, # 3/4, Fall/Winter 2004

Proposing On The Brooklyn Bridge: “Anniversary,” Grayson Books, 2003
Not What I Expected: “Whiteout”
Of A Certain Age: Voices Of Experience: “Asking”
Trigger Warning: Poetry Saved My Life,” “Poetry As Savior,” “Altar”
Grief, A Life In Five Stages, “I Drag His Death After Me,” 2014
From Dusk To Need, 25 Years Of Flume Press, “Bad Girl At The Altar Rail, “I Drag His Death After Me,” 2010
Confluencia In The Valley, “The Story,” 2013
Thirty Years Of New Delta Review, “The Story,” 2015
Circe’s Lament, Anthology Of Wild Women Poetry, “Hungry,” 2015
Watching The Perseids, Twenty Years Of Backwaters Press, “Venice 2013,” “Holy,” 2017

“After Blue”, 3rd prize, Poetry Society of New Hampshire 2012 Summer Contest
“Afternoon At MoMA”. Honorable Mention, Poetry Society Of New Hampshire 2011 Spring Contest
“Body Check,” Honorable Mention, Naugatuck River Review 2010 Contest
“Birthday, Krakow,” Semi-Finalist, 2015 Naugatuck River Review Contest
“Choosing My Son’s Cemetery Plot,” Honorable Mention in Ed and Fay Phillips Prize, Gulf Coast Magazine, 2002
“Diagnosis,” Third Prize, 2010 Poetry Society of New Hampshire Contest
“Feasting On Our Detritus,” Honorable Mention, Poetry Society Of New Hampshire Contest 2011 Spring Contest
Field Notes 1950, Honorable Mention, Poetry Society Of New Hampshire 2012 Summer Contest
“Fiftieth Anniversary,” First prize, 2014 Rash Awards Contest, Broad River Review
“For The Son Who Lives”. Honorable Mention, Michael Egan Poetry Contest, Maryland Review, 1994
“Girl”, 2004 Finalist in Comstock Review, Honorable Mention in Hill-Stead Museum’s 2003 Sunken Garden Competition, Honorable mention in 2004 Al Savard CT. Poetry Society Contest
“Gone,” Honorable mention, 2013 Pat Schneider poetry contest
“I Try The Word, Love,” Honorable Mention in Hill-Stead Museum’s 2003 Sunken Garden Competition
“Incandescence”, Finalist, 2013 Rash Poetry Awards, Broad River Review
“Keys To the Cages,” Honorable Mention 2010 Dallas Poets Community Open Poetry Competition
“Last Poem,” Finalist 2010 Rash Awards, Broad River Review
“Love In Saigon,” Third prize, 2010 Dallas Poets Community Open Poetry Competition
“Mother Of A Dead Son Gets His Bones Back After Twenty Years,” semi-finalist, 2010 Naugatuck River Review contest
“Paper Dolls”, Honorable Mention, 2011 Passager poetry contest
“Rome, 1987,” First Prize, 2007 Dallas Community Poets Competition
“Residue”, Special Merit, 2009 Comstock Review Poetry Contest
“The Story,” First Prize, New Delta Review 2010 Contest
“The Visit,” 2nd prize, Poetry Society Of New Hampshire Poetry 2012 Summer Contest
“The Green Sweater,” Third Prize, 2009 CT Poetry Society Contest
“this morning,” Special Merit, 2014 Comstock Review contest
“Shadow,” Second Prize, 2016 CT Poetry Society Contest
“Shelter,” Semi-finalist, 2013 Naugatuck River Review contest
“Versions,”Finalist, 200? Dallas Community Poets Competition
“Warrant,” Second Prize, 2008 Al Savard Memorial Poetry Competition
“What It Was,” First Prize, 20111 New Hampshire Poetry Society Contest

After Blue, Finishing Line Press, 2014, Honorable Mention
Bad Girl At The Altar Rail, First Prize, 2005 Flume Press Chapbook Competition
Four Trees Down From Ponte Sisto, First Prize, 2006 Dallas Community Poets Chapbook Competition
Incendiary, Arcadia Press: First Prize, 2014 Ruby Irene chapbook contest

Branch in His Hand, Backwaters Press, 2008
I Am Not A Juvenile Delinquent, editor and publisher, 2004

Four Trees Down from Ponte Sisto, BBC radio drama based on my book, “Branch In His Hand” and related poems and recollections, Gregory Whitehead, acted by Anne Undeland, broadcast on Radio 4 in June 2012.

Pushcart Prize Nominations:
“Bad Girl At The Altar Rail” (2005)
“I Drag His Death After Me” (2005, 2008)
“I Try The Word, Love”(2005)
“The Gift” (2005, 2008)

Fall 2005: First Litchfield County Inge Morath Award, given for significant social impact in the art.
April 2006: “Making A Difference for Women” Award, given by Soroptimist International, Waterbury (CT) Chapter.
July 2009: “The Sharon Charde Poetry Garden” dedicated at Touchstone, a residential treatment facility in Litchfield, CT, where I volunteered for 16 years

2008, ’09,’11,’12, ’16 :Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
2010,’13,’14 :Virginia Center For The Creative Arts, Amherst, VA
2015, 2017: The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, NH ( named 2016 Sanford Calderwood Fellow)
2016: The Corporation Of Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, NY.