Incendiary Cover


Arcadia Magazine, 2014
Winner 2014 Ruby Irene Poetry Chapbook Contest
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Sharon Charde’s poems are molten, fierce and ruminative. Now with the publication of Incendiary, I’m greedily grateful for all of us that these hot, heartbroken and wise lyrics are increasingly in the world.

Eileen Myles
author of Inferno, Snowflake/different streets, Sorry, Tree

The poems in Incendiary evoke deep passion and rage, loss and the vagaries of love in almost equal measure. At play, undercurrent, is a wonderful incantatory voice, almost a prayer, at times savage or vulnerable, offset by a savvy, wild humor only a girl educated by nuns could render so seemingly effortlessly.

Jan Conn
author of Edge Effects and Botero’s Beautiful Horses

Like ticket stubs from the “museum of incineration,” poems in Sharon Charde’s Incendiary burn; here are talismanic transmissions of a poet engaged in navigating “real work” of aftermath, rising from ashes – of loss, love, lust, and longing: you know, “just ordinary agony,” in the day-to-day of a woman tempered into comprehension. Charde is master of the conciliatory-imperative, as she charts her way through a thicket of grief and desire. Hasn’t she “made sufficient payment?” these poems ask: “I’ve failed to die again,” and yet, it’s precisely this simmering crucible of implosion that lets these lyrics burn. “Come and see it,” Charde demands; do!

Katrina Roberts
author of Underdog, The Quick, and Friendly Fire.